Saturday, December 29, 2012

Coffee Filter Snowflakes Tutorial

A while back, I was given a pack of old coffee filters from my husband's grandmother. We already had plenty of coffee filters and since I didn't know how old they actually were, I figured I just put them up and use them for some kind of craft, like flowers or something.  So recently, I got them out and decided to make some snowflakes with them and they turned out super cute!  I cut out several different shapes.

 scalloped snowflakes

spiky edges

 I hung some from the chandelier in the dining room.

Look at this cute snowflake garland!

This is a very easy and cheap winter craft and perfect for kids too.  To make the snowflakes just fold a coffee filter in half, then half again, then half again.... and then again. You will be left with a little wedge. Cut around the sides of the wedge to form the shape of your snowflake and then unfold and see your beautiful snowflake appear.  If you want to add color to them, watercolors would work great or you could add some glitter or spray shimmer mist on them.  

Here is a link to my tutorial that is a little more detailed:

Coffee Filter Snowflakes Tutorial

Happy Crafting :)
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