Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fancy 3D Chandeliers

I  have been busy making these super cute 3D chandeliers for my daughters graduation party and I'm really happy with how they have turned out.  I've made a few different shapes of them and they all look really nice, at least to me anyway.   I know these are used a lot of times for party decorations but I think they would be cute in a little girls room too.   If you are into recycling, you will love these because many of them were made from frozen pizza boxes which is basically the same thing as chipboard.

Here are a few photos:

Here's one style. This one I made several with regular cardboard and a couple out of the sides of frozen pizza boxes (same as chipboard)

Here's another style... These were made from cardboard so they were a bit heavier than the one above. The ones made with cardboard also have rhinestones glued on them... this particular one has silver rhinestones.  Right now I only have these two photos of this one and they were taken before it was finished:

LOVE these silver rhinestones!!

Here's another style.. these were made from frozen pizza boxes (chipboard), like the one on top. This is after I had put one coat of paint on it and it was waiting for another coat of paint:

Here is another pic of the top style with red rhinestones- The party colors are red, white and black. Personally I like the white rhinestones better:

Right now, all of the finished chandeliers are over at the house where the party will be but I am taking my camera and will be sure to update this hub with pictures of all these pretty hanging chandeliers.

If you are interested in a detailed tutorial on how to make these, please see my tutorial:

How to Make a 3D Chandelier

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Survival Kits - Cute Craft Gifts

I have been thinking a lot about survival kits lately.  These are cute handmade gifts that you can give for any occasion..  The best part about them is that they are easy to make and inexpensive to put together. 

Take a look at these cute survival kits:

Here is a Teachers Survival Kit.... it is a teachers appreciation gift and would be perfect to give at the beginning of the school year.   I found this one at BH&G.

This one is a Everyday Life Survival Kit that I found at Creative Craft Ideas. This cute little tin which looks to be a re-purposed Altoids mint tin is filled with little things that we all need in every day life.  Visit the link to see the list of items in the kit. 

You can make the kit as large or small as you prefer. I love this Maid of Honor Survival Kit that I found at Vintage Folly!  I has tissues, deodorant, safety pins and things like- emergency items to help the Maid of Honor out on the special day.  Visit the link to see the full list of items for the kit PLUS a few other wedding  related survival kits!

For TONS more survival kit ideas, see the round-up here:  Unique and Fun Handmade Survival Kits

I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by today!
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dry Erase Board Makeover

This dry erase board had been hanging in my son's room for a couple years and it had the word hello on it...I took it down because I was going to move it to the kitchen. When I tried to erase the word hello, which was written with a dry erase marker, it wouldn't erase at all... it was like the hello was baked on!  Then I tried a wet cloth which just seemed to smear the marker, then came the 409 and that did put a dent in it..  but still, I was having to scrub!  Then the light bulb came on and I remembered my friend Sunny and how she took a dry erase board and turned it into a chalkboard using chalkboard contact paper! I did a post about it here.  I didn't have to think twice... The dry erase board was going to be a chalkboard!

Dry Erase Board to Chalkboard Makeover

***What You Need***

  • Dry Erase Board
  • Roll of Chalkboard Contact Paper
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Spray Paint (Optional)

So here is what the board looked like before I got started...

I used the Phillips head screwdriver to remove all the screws from around the back side of the dry erase board.   I then took the white erase board out of the frame.

Then I cut a piece from the chalkboard contact paper that was big enough and covered the entire surface of the dry erase board.  This is a bit tricky and I flubbed mine up sort of.... It's best to get the contact paper adhered at the top and then as you pull the backing, smooth the contact paper on the surface of the board trying to be sure to not let any air get trapped between the contact paper and the board. After it is adhered, cut off any excess that is hanging over the dry erase board.

I did have some trouble getting it adhered smoothly...It ended up having some air bubbles :(      I tried to use a credit card and flatten them as much as possible but it didn't really help much.. what I ended up doing is taking a pin and making a very tiny hole in some of them and then running the credit card over them.   I couldn't get every single one but poking the tiny hole helped quite a bit and now they are barely noticeable.  Someone would have to be really close up to see them.  The pic above was before I fixed it.

Then I took the frame and painted it glossy black.  You can see in the photo below the back is still white, I normally would have painted the entire frame but I was running out of spray paint and the back side won't be showing anyway.

I put the board back in the frame.....and Viola!!

Here's the finished product! A huge thank you to my friend Sunny, who inspired me and gave me the idea to do this makeover :)

BTW,  I got the chalkboard contact paper at Amazon for like $7:50 and it's a pretty good sized roll.. HERE is the link if you are interested  : 0) 
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