Thursday, June 14, 2012

Handmade 4th of July Hairbows

I made these cute little hair bows a little while back and since the 4th of July is just around the corner, I might as well share them here on my blog.  They were really easy to make... I would have made two matching bows of each color but I only had enough ribbon to make one of each color.  I think a pair of these would be so cute clipped above pig tails.. but you could use just one too for a pony tail, for bangs, etc..

These hair bows really are very easy to make.  You basically just need some ribbon ( I believe these are made with 3/4 inch.), a bottle cap or some other type embellishment and some shiny red and blue tinsel-like shred or similar and an alligator clip for the back.  The red and blue shred (tinsel stuff) is for embellishing scrapbooks, I believe.  I got a couple of packages of it at a garage sale.   Anyway, I made the bows, glued some of the shred on and then glued a bottle cap on.   I used one new bottle cap and one used one that I painted red and added glitter to.   They were actually going to be necklaces, I had made several of these decorative bottle caps but decided these two would be the perfect embellishments for these bows.

These are so much fun! You can use whatever embellishments you want really.. I'm sure they will turn out cute either way.  I still need to glue the alligator clips on the backs of these and then they will be ready to wear.  Here is what the backs of them look like:

The actual bows are made with three loops of ribbon but they are twisted together a certain way but it's super simple to do.  I will update this post with a more detailed tutorial just as soon as I get one finished!  So what do you think?  Are they cute or what?!

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