Sunday, September 16, 2012

Paper Rose with Scalloped Edges Tutorial

rolled roses
scalloped edge rolled roses

I love the cute spiral cut paper roses...I just got back into making them again.   Here is the tutorial I shared a couple years ago after I first started making but recently I have been making them using a different technique- instead of cutting just a plain spiral, I used some scalloped scissors to cut the spiral and they turned out super cute!  I keep on making them and I have no idea what I will use them for LOL! But.. I'll use them for something, I am sure :)

I wanted to do a little post just to show how CUTE and EASY these are... I made all of these out of colored card stock. This particular cardstock worked great because it wasn't too thick.

Easy Paper Rose Tutorial

Start out with a 6x6 inch square and cut it into a circle. 

Then get the scalloped scissors and starting on the edge start to cut a spiral into the circle, cutting around and towards the middle.  I try to leave about an inch between the edges when I'm cutting.  I taper the end and this will leave a scalloped circle cut out in the middle. I then cut off the tapered outside edge.  It should end up looking something like this.

Then I start rolling it tightly toward the middle.  Keep going until you get to the end and then let it uncurl just a little bit... you don't want it to uncurl too much.

Now, take the glue gun and put a glob of glue on the circle (that was left after cutting the spiral) and then take the flower and stick it right down into the glob of glue.   Make sure the end of the spiral is glued down to the side of the flower and trim up the bottom circle if you need to. 

You should now have a pretty scalloped rose!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial... These flowers are a bit on the smaller size.. If you want larger ones, try starting out with a square that is 8x8 or even 12x12.  Always try and cut your spiral evenly, all the way to the middle.  Also, if you use regular scissors and cut just a plain spiral and then cut large scallops all around it like this:

cut wide scallops
Then you end up with this look:

Thank you for dropping by and please stay tuned for more cute stuff to come :)


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  1. Love 'em! I have about 50 pink squares cut out, just for a project like this and just haven't gotten around to "rose-y" ing them up. Glad you posted a scalloped edge photo, I had thought about that but wasn't sure if I'd like it - now I know I like both ways. Thanks for sharing your tut.

  2. You are welcome, JoAnn.. thanks so much for dropping by!