Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bottle Cap Pendants

Bottle Cap Pendants are easy to make and they come out so darned cute. I love making these because:

  • They are easy and cute
  • They are inexpensive to make
  • These make nice gifts
  • It's a way to recycle bottle caps
  • Did I mention they are so darned cute? 

    These can be made into magnets and can be used as embellishments for hair bows or other crafts.   You can buy brand new caps if you want. They are fairly inexpensive but if you do opt to use used bottle caps here is a guide on preparing used bottle caps to be made into pendants

    Then go to:

    How to make a Bottle Cap Pendant

    Would you rather make the pendant with the image mounted on the top of the cap instead of the  inside? Go here:

    Bottle Cap Pendant with Image Mounted on Top

    Hope you enjoy!!
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