Thursday, December 15, 2011

Super Cute Paint Sample Crafts!

I'm kicking off this blog with some great budget paper crafts! Did you know that you can make some super cutie crafts out of those paint sample cards you can get from home improvement stores for free?  Some call them paint swatches or paint chips but whatever you call them, you can make some pretty darned cute stuff with them!  
Here are three different tutorials using paint sample cards:

Tutorial #1 
Paint Swatch Notecards and Matching Envelopes
This is an easy tutorial complete with printable envelope template :)

Tutorial #2 
Easter Egg Paint Swatch Garland

Paint sample cards worked out perfectly to make this very cute Easter garland! The tutorial is very easy to understand with great photos.  Learn how to make this DIY Paint Chip Easter Garland

Tutorial #3
Paint Swatch Chandelier 
 Hey Gorgeous has the tutorial for this DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier

I hope you enjoy these budget friends craft tutorials!

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