Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fancy 3D Chandeliers

I  have been busy making these super cute 3D chandeliers for my daughters graduation party and I'm really happy with how they have turned out.  I've made a few different shapes of them and they all look really nice, at least to me anyway.   I know these are used a lot of times for party decorations but I think they would be cute in a little girls room too.   If you are into recycling, you will love these because many of them were made from frozen pizza boxes which is basically the same thing as chipboard.

Here are a few photos:

Here's one style. This one I made several with regular cardboard and a couple out of the sides of frozen pizza boxes (same as chipboard)

Here's another style... These were made from cardboard so they were a bit heavier than the one above. The ones made with cardboard also have rhinestones glued on them... this particular one has silver rhinestones.  Right now I only have these two photos of this one and they were taken before it was finished:

LOVE these silver rhinestones!!

Here's another style.. these were made from frozen pizza boxes (chipboard), like the one on top. This is after I had put one coat of paint on it and it was waiting for another coat of paint:

Here is another pic of the top style with red rhinestones- The party colors are red, white and black. Personally I like the white rhinestones better:

Right now, all of the finished chandeliers are over at the house where the party will be but I am taking my camera and will be sure to update this hub with pictures of all these pretty hanging chandeliers.

If you are interested in a detailed tutorial on how to make these, please see my tutorial:

How to Make a 3D Chandelier

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