Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shopping Bag Ghost Tutorial - Guest Post

Look at these cute shopping bag ghosts that my friend Sunny made... and she was nice enough to share the tutorial!

Shopping bag ghost tutorial:

I was inspired to make a Halloween wreath using a wire hanger and cut up plastic tablecloths and trash bags (turned out much more fabulous than that sounds)...and I got to thinking...what else could I make with these free/low-cost everyday items?

I played around with twisting the wire hanger and got a ghost shape. At first, I wrapped toilet paper around (you could also use white streamers) and cut out black construction paper for the eyes and mouth and "Boo!". Simple and cute. But would it last long as an outdoor decoration? Maybe not. So I thought about using a white trash bag but...what about a plastic grocery bag! I had tons of those and the sheerness of it might make for an interesting ghost. Plus - it's upcycling (instead of using a new kitchen trash bag, I could use up some of the many grocery bags we accumulate every month - sorry Earth!).

First, I simply cut off the part with the store name, leaving only solid white plastic. Using two bags, I wrapped and strategically taped until I was satisfied with the ghostliness of it. Then I used double-stick tape to put scraps of black trash bag (leftover from the wreath) to form the eyes and mouth. You could probably also just use a black Sharpie and get the same effect. And there you go - from grocery bag to ghost in less than 10 minutes! And the great thing about using a wire hanger is that it comes ready made with a hook for hanging!

Hope you try it and Happy Halloween!!
 and look at this one made with wire hanger and toilet paper:

 If you get a chance, please visit my friend Sunny on HubPages :)

also, if you get a chance drop by and see my Halloween wreath tutorial using a wire hanger!

Thank you so much for dropping by! 


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