Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Best Glues for Metal, Glass, Paper, Plastic, Vinyl, Etc....

I am sure you probably may have a favorite glue that you use most often. I usually use E6000 which usually does a great job and seems to hold together just about anything.  Sometimes I wonder what other glues are out there and if some work better gluing certain things together like gluing glass to glass, for example.  I often want to experiment with different glues so I did a bit of research. I found some great charts and even webpage where you enter what you are gluing to what and then it will bring up a list of glues that are optimal for the job.. plus a few tips, too.   So if you often wonder about what the best glues are like I do, here's a few helpful resources.

This to That - This is a very neat website focusing solely on picking the best glue to get the job done no matter what you are gluing together.

Glue Chart - This is an excellent glue chart showing which glues adhere to different surfaces.

Comprehensive List- Here is a long list of glues at JewelsDesignsCreativeCorner and it explains what glues are good for certain surfaces plus lots of great tips.

Glue Strength Testing- Okay, this site is more of carpenters website and confused me a bit just with all the numbers (I'm terrible with math) but it does show how different glues were experimented with for gluing wood together. 

Some of these glues can be expensive but it's usually worth it because you can use less and it will take a long time to use it all up.  The one I use (E6000) is very inexpensive and a large tube lasts me forever.  If you are a fan of E6000 did you know there is another glue called Household Goop that is the exact same glue (same company) and it is inexpensive as well.  You can usually even find the Goop at the Dollar store.   Over the years, I've heard LOTS of great stuff about Loctite brand glues.  So if I ever get around to purchasing and using it, I'll let you know how it works.

Do you have a favorite glue? I would love to know.. please feel free to share.

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