Friday, February 17, 2012

DIY Coasters!

Here is a small round-up of DIY drink coaster tutorials.  I saw this first set and couldn't help myself from seeing what other ones were out there..

curling ribbon coasters@ChicaandJo
I happened upon Chica and Jo today and found these super cute coasters! I love the bright colors and they are so easy to make.. or at least they look easy but best of all they don't cost a ton to make.. Curly ribbon comes in tons of bright beautiful colors and they do not cost a lot either.

re-purposed coasters @ Evie S.
I love these DIY re-purposed coasters that I found at Evie S. These were made by covering an old set of coasters and they turned out great!   If you don't have any old coasters to re-purpose, you could always use some of those round coasters from Chilis or other restaurants. I don't see why those couldn't work as well.  Of course, you could always get some thin cork board and cut it in whatever shape you like or maybe glue a couple layers of it together and cover it with pretty paper like these were. 

DIY coasters @ Craft Envy

Take a look at this pretty set of coasters I found at Craft Envy!  You will not believe how easy these are to make.. it's almost mind blowing. Go have a look and be amazed..  I already have everything needed except 4 blank tiles... hope I remember these next time in Lowe's.

duct tape coasters@ Natalie's Creations
 Look what you can make with some cardboard circles and decorative duct tape! The more things I see made with decorative duct tape, the more I want some... it comes in all different colors and designs, too.  I found this clever DIY coaster idea at Natalie's Creations!  P.S. Be sure to see the cute bulletin board she made, too.

DIY Coaster Tiles @ Purplest Pecalin
I found these gorgeous DIY coaster tiles at Purplest Pecalin along with another fabulous pair....   As I sat looking at these tiles, I quickly determined that they would look just as pretty hanging on a wall as they wood laying on a table.   They turned out amazing.... love them!

travertine coaster tiles@Hey, Let's Rock!
Look at these pretty tile coasters I found at Hey, Let's Rock! These are a little different than the other tiles in that they are made with the travertine tiles. I LOVE the rustic look of them.  It's interesting too that even though the designs look painted on, they were actually stenciled and then colored in with a black Sharpie.  That's pretty cool!

I hope you have enjoyed this coaster small coaster round-up  as much as I loved gathering them.   Happy Coaster Making!!
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  1. Great lineup, thanks for including mine!

  2. Hi! found you thru the Hub pages, how I got there I don't remember!! You have a cute blog - making these coasters as wedding gifts to bridesmaids - bookmarking some of the tutorials.
    Thanks for sharing - new follower ;)

    1. JoAnn, you are welcome! Thank you for the follow, I appreciate it :) These coasters will be great gifts for the bridesmaids for sure. Glad you like the blog.. I try to post on it as regular as I possibly can. Take care and have fun making the coasters!

  3. Jamie,
    Thanks so much for including me in your awesome round-up! Sorry I'm kind of late :-P

    1. Natalie- Oh, no problem... thank you so much for dropping by and thank you so very much for sharing how you made your pretty coasters :)