Thursday, February 9, 2012

♥Valentine's Day Crafts♥

Valentine's Day is just around the corner... I am excited to gather a few more cute Valentine's projects.  These are not only great for adults but kids would have fun making them too.

I ran across this very cute project today at Karla M Curry. These cute heart shapes are simple to make and guess what they are made out of?  Toilet paper tubes!  I ♥ it.
heart shapes out of toilet paper rolls@Karla M Curry
hanging heart strings@Karla M Curry


These pretty hearts that I found at martha stewart are made using crayons
crayon hearts @ martha stewart


This heart garland was made by grace and light  using a punch and some paint sample cards. How easy is that and oh so pretty!  Visit to see a photo illustrated tutorial showing exactly how she made it.
heart garland@ grace and light

I hope you ♥ these projects as much as I do! 
Happy Valentine's Day

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  1. Thanks for showcasing my heart strings! Glad you liked them. Funny thing... we just made the waxed paper hearts with melted crayon but I haven't had a chance to post any pictures. :)

    1. You are so welcome! Thank you for sharing your heart strings.. that is too funny that you've made the crayon hearts, too. I can't wait until you post pictures :0)