Monday, February 13, 2012

Lovely Paper Chandeliers

I have been thinking about paper chandeliers lately... and when I did a search, this one came up.  Look at how pretty:

butterfly chandelier @ Carina Gardner

I really am smitten with this pretty butterfly chandelier.. I love how the butterflies just seem to flutter around each other! I found this at Carina Gardner and she's even shared free printable butterfly templates to use if you would like to make your own!

So I did another search and look:

image via The Green Kangaroo

These look to be made with some sort of metal form with circles hung in rows from some sort of see thru thread or fishing line.  I think these would be very easy to make.

One last photo:

This is a beautiful chandelier which apparently is located in Paris... Isn't it gorgeous!  This one might be a bit harder to make.. since it's so huge!  Maybe one like this... but scaled down some :0)  Interesting is that it looks like the paper strips are fastened to the wire frame by those metal type paper clips.

I hope these photos may have inspired you to make a paper chandelier of your own. I'm going to  :0)
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