Sunday, January 29, 2012

Craft Organization Ideas Using Jars

I am crazy about using jars...You can do so many neat things with them in all areas of your home.. for decor and storage.   Here are some super cute craft storage ideas I've rounded up:

cute storage jars @ Little Birdie Secrets
Jars for storing different colors of ribbon. So cute!

chalkboard label storage jars @ Etsy

Chalkboard stuff is so in style right now.

 ribbon jars @ Color Chic
Check out the tags! Love them....

under shelf storage using jars @ Artfire
This is a neat and different approach to storing craft embellishments and supplies in glass jars.

plastic storage containers @ Tonya Staab

I love all of these.. especially the ones that have color coordinated embellishments in them.  The plastic ones above might have had pretzels or something in them at one time or I imagine you could just use purchase them.  I think glass is great but even plastic jar containers like peanut butter containers and things like that would work great, too.  I have a whole bunch of those plastic Nutella containers just waiting to be used for storing pretty bright colored things!  I will be sure to post a picture when I get them done :0)
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