Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pretty Paper Covered Pencils

I am a stationary NUT.. I love papers, pencils, pens.. Actually I am office supply nut.. I love tapes, staplers, markers, post it notes, thumb tacks, etc.. etc... Anyone else relate?   I sure hope so.. I mean, I don't even work in a office but I LOVE office supplies :) 

So, look what I found:

pretty wrapped pencils @ Omiyage

I came across these cute pencils today. Now, this is a budget craft.. Pencils are fairly cheap to by and then all you have to have is some pretty paper and glue.   These pencils would even make a nice, unique gift or at least I think. Maybe add them in a gift basket or something.  Omiyage has shared a nice tutorial on how to make these pretty pencils.

pretty pencils @ Krafty Kat

 I found another cute covered pencil tutorial at Krafty Kat.  She has some other good photos there as well.. Go have a look!
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