Friday, January 27, 2012

Super Cheap Craft Supplies Online

Today I am looking around trying to find some good sites to buy inexpensive craft supplies..besides Ebay, Amazon, Artfire or Etsy.  Those are the stores I usually go to first.  I know there must be a super cheap craft supply site out there. It may be one of those best kept secrets but eventually I'm going to run across a site like that... I just know it!  Until then, I have found some sites that really aren't too bad as far as pricing... and I don't mind sharing.  So far, this is what I've found:

Oriental Trading Post-- I have always loved this store.  I used to get their catalog in the mail and I've always thought they had some cute stuff.  I just visited the website and they actually have a good lot of craft supplies at very decent prices.. I have bookmarked and will be going back there very soon.

Dollar Tree- The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite "Dollar" stores and I was so surprised to see they actually have a online shopping site!!  Of course, everything is only a dollar just like in-store.  There is a catch though, when shopping the Dollar Tree online you have to buy a certain amount of the product so it is sort of like wholesale.. which is great if you need a lot of something. I did notice that that a lot of the items were marked "now available in lower quantity" so you don't have to buy so many which is good.  Another thing is they don't seem to have as much selection as they do in-store but I noticed there is a new spring online catalog that had a lot of different items in there as well.  I think it's definitely worth checking out.

Blick- Otherwise known as Dick Blick seems to have a good selection of craft stuff but the main thing I liked was it had a clearance section.  It doesn't have TONS of stuff but the clearance prices were decent and I think it's worth checking back every once in while to see what they add to clearance.

S&S World Wide- This site looks to be sort of like Oriental Trading Post... they have many different items including craft supplies.  I was actually really impressed with this site. I liked the wooden shape assortments and boxes.   There's LOTS of fun stuff for kids here too.

Joann's- I like to check Joanns online clearance. Once it a while, I can find some great deals there. Did you know has more than just fabrics?? They have lots of craft supplies too and usually a pretty good selection of clearance items.  Click on crafts and then clearance crafts and you can see everything.  They have fabric clearance too and a "last chance" sale tab.  Shipping rates are decent too.

Oh My Crafts- This site has a clearance tab and had lots on sale. The prices were pretty good and the store has a very nice selection.  Definitely worth a mention here.

That's about all that I could find for now... but will be updating this as new stores are discovered :0)
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  2. this was really helpful, thanks. found a few new good sites.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I'm so glad you found this useful :)

  3. EEEK thank you!

  4. I can completely see you had fun... I had fun just looking at them!! What genius to use those fabulous papers as labels - every item looks fantastic! I love it - what an amazingly inspirational project, thank you
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