Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lucky Stars Tutorials

These are called Lucky Stars. They are origami and made using strips of paper.   I've found a few great photo illustrated tutorials out there and couldn't resist sharing. I think these are the cutest little things I've ever seen!

lucky stars by Hickican @ Deviant Art

origami lucky stars @ Chunkylicious
Tutorial #1 I found at: 

I love the bright colors of these!

lucky stars @ Ume Origami
Tutorial #2 I found at:

Red, white and blue.. such a cute design!

Origami Lucky Stars @

Tutorial #3 I found at:
This one even has a PDF file you can download and print.

So, for smaller stars you need more narrow strips of paper and for larger stars, use wider strips.  I've also  learned that you can make these out of straws as well but I'll save that one for another post. You could use these little cuties a lot of different ways but one really cute idea is to write messages on the strips of paper before you fold them and put into a container and give as a gift or maybe make a journal jar using the stars instead of just strips of paper in a  jar.  What would even be better than stars is folded hearts!! Okay, I'll save that for a later post, too.

I noticed on Ebay you can buy strips of paper especially for making these stars and the paper is fairly inexpensive but you could still save a few bucks and cut your own strips. I'm guessing some papers work better than others.

 FYI.. Just for fun
Apparently, making these and filling up a jar and giving them away to a friend or significant other means you wish them good fortune. There is also apparently a meaning to the amount of stars you give.  I read  if you give a person a jar of 1,000 lucky stars, their wish will be granted.  Giving one star simply means I love you/you are the only one for me.

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  1. Lovely, spread the kawaii lucky stars!!
    XoXo Maleikie

  2. Thank you Maleikie.. I made some of these for the first time the other day and I LOVE them.. so cute! Thanks for sharing :)