Monday, January 30, 2012

Using Tin Cans for Storing Craft Supplies

I figured since I did a post on using jars as storage, I should do one about using tin cans, too.   I love the idea of using tin cans because they are readily available (or at least after dinner) and you can paint them and decorate them any way you want. Plus you are helping out the environment by "upcycling" something that would have otherwise been recycled which is okay but many of them just end up in the garbage.   

So, look at these great ideas!

cute covered tin cans @ iHanna's Blog

I love the look of these tin cans that were covered with wall paper!

tin can storage @

This is a really nifty idea! The cans have magnets glued on the back...  this one is very simple but of course you could decorate your own as fancy as you want.

cute covered cans @ iHeart Organizing
I like these cute cans! This site has lots of amazing storage ideas.

jute covered cans @ Brown Paper Packages
How adorable are these? I love the labels.... too cute!!  These are actually made using powdered baby formula cans. Formula cans are made from card board rather than tin but they are so cute I couldn't resist sharing them!  These are bit easier to cover because they don't have the ridges on them like most tin cans do.  

Start saving your cans and remember they come in different sizes, too.  Tuna cans can be used to store small things like buttons and spaghetti sauce cans can store longer things like rulers and such.  Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to comment.  I love comments!

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  1. Love a good covered soup can! Nothing compares to cheap/free organizing!


  2. Yes, I agree :) Thank you for stopping by!