Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY Twine Balls

I found these lights on Ebay and I absolutely fell in love with them.  I love the rattan balls for decor and this is exactly what these are but mounted on a string of lights. These would be really nice in a little girls bedroom or even some blue ones for a little boy.   I actually attempted making some of these for my little boy.  He was having trouble getting to sleep because he needed a good night light so I thought making some of these may help.   I actually tried to put large hexagon blue-green glitter on them to just add a bit of sparkle to the light but it turned out not to be such a great idea as the glitter was too big and was falling off everywhere. Plus, after the fact I was thinking to myself why would I put glitter on things for a boys room?
Anyway, I wanted to share with you my attempt at these.  I am going to make some more but skip the glitter next time. I'll post the tutorial when I make them!

My first attempt:

I actually made them out of jute.. but they can be made with any soft string that can be starched stiff.  Also it may be best to use the preferred color of string or twine instead of painting them afterwards. These would have actually been fine if I had left the glitter off and left them natural. They would have made great home decor just lying in a bowl.

I am going to make some again and then I'll post the tutorial with photos.
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